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Cloud2GND is a global engineering services company specializing in embedded wireless connectivity with a focus on Bluetooth technology. As a key player in the Bluetooth ecosystem, we develop protocol stacks and drivers for the semiconductor industry and provide consulting services to product companies building class-leading connected devices. Our extensive experience with Bluetooth technology, combined with our expertise in test and validation, provides our clients with the skills and support they need to create innovative and successful products.

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A Passion and Drive for Engineering Excellence

Cloud2GND assists customers in 3 main areas:

Protocol & Chipset Enablement

We implement the low level software, protocol stacks, middleware, and applications that bridge the gap between complex specs and rich user experiences.

Product Development

Product Development

We work with leading product companies to develop cutting-edge Bluetooth products, leveraging our extensive industry connections and partnerships.

Standards and Specifications

Standards & Specifications

We are key contributors to many Bluetooth SIG working groups, providing insight and knowledge to our customers about current and upcoming Bluetooth technologies.


Focus Areas

Diverse skills, experience, and expertise to meet your project’s needs.


Project Examples

Proprietary Audio Solution

Our client requested assistance designing and developing a cutting-edge proprietary audio solution based on Bluetooth LE and the new Isochronous Channels transport. We delivered one of the first solutions leveraging Isochronous Channels even while the overall LE audio profile specifications were still in development.

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Bluetooth Classic Audio Accessory

Our client needing assistance working through complex interoperability issues for an advanced automotive Bluetooth device. We initiated a comprehensive test program to evaluate performance on a wide range of vehicles and developed special application logic to work around make/model specific issues.

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Bluetooth Mesh Protocol Stack

Cloud2GND was one of the first implementers of the new Bluetooth Mesh specification for a major semiconductor partner. We implemented the entire Mesh specification and profiles from scratch over an existing Bluetooth LE controller and host.

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