Bluetooth Classic Audio Accessory

Key Parameters

  • Bluetooth Classic Audio Solution using A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP profiles
  • Special application for allowing broad device interoperability
  • Texas Instruments CC256x Bluetooth Controller
  • TI Dual Mode Host Protocol Stack

Project Overview

Client requested assistance troubleshooting interoperability issues with their aftermarket automotive accessory which needed to work with a broad range of vehicle makes and models. Cloud2GND leveraged our extensive experience with the TI audio solution and Bluetooth classic audio to make the client’s product a success.

Cloud2GND put a comprehensive test program in place to evaluable the behavior of the client’s product against a large number of vehicles and aftermarket head units. Each device was tested against a standard test plan and a protocol sniffer was employed to capture Bluetooth traffic. Common failure modes, typically related to unexpected behaviors or expectations of particular vehicle Bluetooth implementations, were evaluated.

Cloud2GND created a new integrated BT classic audio application for the client incorporating solutions for various vehicle issues discovered during the test program. Workarounds and special configuration capabilities successfully allowed the client product to work with a very large range of vehicles despite the inherent challenges in BT classic audio device interoperability.

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