Proprietary Audio Solution

Key Parameters

  • Nordic nRF52840 Chipset
  • Customized Packetcraft Controller and Host Firmware
  • Bi-directional voice quality audio using ISOC CIS
  • Proprietary Profiles and Application

Project Overview

Client requested assistance designing and developing a cutting-edge proprietary audio solution based on Bluetooth LE and the new Isochronous Channels transport. The customer’s goal was to cost-reduce an existing solution that relied on a custom radio module by migrating the design to an off-the-shelf Bluetooth LE chipset with a custom firmware solution to integrate to their existing systems.

Cloud2GND worked closely with our partners to deliver firmware for an earpiece/hearable based on the Nordic nRF52840 and the Packetcraft Bluetooth LE protocol stack. The solution used Bluetooth LE Isochronous Channels along with a customer-specified audio codec for bi-deirectional voice quality audio. Cloud2GND developed all firmware for the earpiece portion of the solution and performed evaluation and subsequent optimization of product audio performance based on client requirements.

Cloud2GND assisted the client with all stages of the product development process, coordinating with other teams, vendors, and stakeholders to ensure project success.

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