Protocol and Chipset Enablement​

We implement the low-level software, protocol stacks, middleware, and applications that bridge the gap between specifications and rich end user experiences.

Developing Critical Software Assets

At the core of any connected device is the hardware that forms the platform on which software executes. Integrated wireless SoCs that combine one or more CPU cores with RF baseband components and peripheral interfaces have significantly reduced the cost of connected devices, however the complexity of modern wireless protocols and technologies require that the software used to enable these SoCs is lightweight and efficient in order to meet critical performance requirements.

One of Cloud2GND’s core service offerings is the development and maintenance of the critical software assets and protocol stacks used by semiconductor companies and hardware vendors to enable their chipsets, boards, and transceiver modules.

Our teams have experience turning complex specifications into software components in partnership with many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and wireless innovators.

We possess the depth of knowledge and experience required to develop critical assets such as controller, link layer, and host Bluetooth protocol stacks, key Bluetooth profiles and services, concise SDKs and rich applications, and complete wireless connectivity solutions.

Leveraging In-depth Wireless Expertise

We have extensive knowledge of Bluetooth specifications and are ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in the field. This expertise allows us to provide unparalleled support to our semiconductor clients and partners. We are experienced in complex specification topics such as isochronous channels, LE audio profiles, and Bluetooth Mesh, and we’ve developed and maintained multiple controller, host, and profile Bluetooth stacks targeting many different chipsets. Our team has extensive experience writing firmware and drivers for a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems, from bare metal to embedded RTOSs like ThreadX, FreeRTOS and Zephyr, to full multi-threaded, multi-core platforms like Android and embedded GNU/Linux.

Developing wireless connectivity and connected device firmware brings many unique challenges, such as optimizing power consumption to maximize battery life (sometimes over very long periods of time for ultra low power applications) and managing RF coexistence between multiple radio subsystems of highly integrated chipsets.

Coordinated Test and Qualification Services

In addition to our expertise in implementing Bluetooth profiles and features, we also offer Bluetooth qualification services and have extensive experience with test and validation. We have written the test specifications and qualification requirements for most recent Bluetooth standards and have designed and written test suites and test automation systems for device validation for our semiconductor and product company clients.

Cloud2GND understands the complex legal considerations when developing IP (Intellectual Property) that implements open standards (like Bluetooth) or that uses open source software in its underlying framework. Cloud2GND is also experienced in clean room development and isolated reverse engineering and is able to create interoperable solutions while navigating IP constraints.

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