Standards and Specifications​

We are key contributors in many Bluetooth SIG working groups, providing invaluable insight and knowledge about current and upcoming Bluetooth technologies and features that can be incorporated into your product development cycle.

The Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) is a standards organization that manages the development and maintenance of the Bluetooth wireless technology standard. With more than 38,000 member companies, the Bluetooth SIG aims to create a world without wires. This involves creating and updating the Bluetooth specifications, promoting the Bluetooth brand, ensuring device compatibility, and providing support and resources for Bluetooth product development.

For many of us at Cloud2GND, our involvement with the Bluetooth SIG started as contributors to SIG working groups (the teams which write specifications) as members of other organizations developing Bluetooth software and solutions. As a team of experts in Bluetooth, the Bluetooth SIG’s selection of Cloud2GND to provide services directly to the SIG and the working groups was a sensible choice.

A Key Bluetooth Ecosystem Partner

Today, Cloud2GND is responsible for a number of important Bluetooth SIG programs. Our test specification teams create the majority of key test specifications for new and revised Bluetooth specifications. These test specifications (or test suites) outline how qualification testing shall be used to verify that a device or component complies with the Bluetooth specification. In order to fulfill this role, our teams participate in working group meetings and closely monitor the development of new Bluetooth specifications and features.

Cloud2GND also operates an in-depth technical review program to ensure that new Bluetooth specifications are written clearly and avoid ambiguities that can lead to future interoperability issues. We also help orchestrate the Bluetooth SIG Interoperability test events (IOPs) which are used to validate new Bluetooth specifications, and we assist in the evaluation of new security vulnerability reports that impact Bluetooth and the specifications.

Supporting Members and Clients

For our clients, many of whom are SIG member companies, we are able to leverage our in-depth knowledge to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to new features and specifications. We can assist our clients in understanding how they can interact with the specification process and the broader member community. We can help educate clients on opportunities for member engagement and input. We can assist with the Bluetooth SIG qualification process and connect clients with the best resources for qualification testing and other test services, including those test labs that support testing specific features.

Cloud2GND’s unique position in the Bluetooth ecosystem benefits our clients and partners, including the Bluetooth SIG and its member companies. Our specification teams are responsible for representing the SIG, the Bluetooth member community, and its stakeholders as a whole. We take this responsibility seriously and work to foster it in everything we do at Cloud2GND.

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