Product Development​

We work with leading product companies to develop cutting-edge Bluetooth products, providing opportunities for you to leverage our extensive industry knowledge and partnerships​

Developing Innovative Products and Applications

Cloud2GND works with leading companies to develop cutting-edge Bluetooth products. We have experience developing a wide range of Bluetooth products and devices, in areas such as audio (BT classic and LE Audio), IoT, automotive, wearables, Apple MFi, and more. Our focus is on Bluetooth subsystems and applications, where our competencies are enhanced by our relationships with our semiconductor partners and our unique role within the Bluetooth ecosystem.

We can help jumpstart development by providing guidance on the best chipsets, stacks, and solutions available in the market. We have established relationships with many partners which allows us to modify and tailor protocol stacks and other solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. In some cases our teams have developed or maintained those solutions for our semiconductor partners, providing us with unique insight into the intricacies of those solutions.

Leveraging Partners and Licensing Options

In addition to providing custom solutions, we can also help customers navigate the complex landscape of licensed and open source software options. This includes helping to understand the impact of writing their own software components or licensing them from a third party, as well as choosing between proprietary and open source options. Our teams can provide guidance and support throughout the process to help ensure that the chosen solution meets our customer’s needs, objectives, and budget.

Testing is an important part of the firmware and software development process and our teams have extensive experience with all types of software testing and validation. We can help with Bluetooth qualification and other compliance requirements, and we can help implement test automation solutions that integrate with systems like the Bluetooth Protocol Test Suite (PTS) or link layer test systems.

Embedded Systems Engineering Services

In addition to our expertise in Bluetooth, we also offer general embedded systems engineering services, covering everything from research and design to prototyping, development, test, and manufacturing.

We primarily focus on the software aspects of product development, but we also have experienced hardware engineers who can review your hardware design to ensure the design supports the software through the product lifecycle and meets key functional requirements like battery life and useful product RF range. We can also work with contract manufacturers to produce and test the hardware for mass production.

Working with Cloud2GND

When you work with Cloud2GND, you retain full control and ownership of the final product (except in rare cases where we must sub-license IP we don’t control). We can teach you how to maintain your Bluetooth application and handle future requirements, but we can also maintain your code base and port it to new platforms or add new features and functionality as needed. We have extensive experience troubleshooting and solving complex wireless connectivity and interoperability issues, utilizing the latest wireless protocol sniffers and tools.

When working with Cloud2GND, our clients have the option of choosing the engagement model that best suits their needs or preferences. For example, clients can opt for a model where we help define project requirements, manage the project internally, and deliver the agreed-upon components on our own. This can be a good option for clients who want to outsource the entire project to us and have us handle everything from start to finish.

Alternatively, clients can choose an engagement model where we integrate into their teams and work closely under their guidance and management. In this model, we act as an extension of their in-house engineering staff, providing the expertise and support they need to develop their products. This can be a good option for clients who want to retain more control over the project and have us work closely with their team to ensure that the final product meets their specifications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the support they need to successfully develop their products, and we are comfortable working flexibly under a range of different engagement models to achieve this goal.

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