We are proud to work with a diverse group of companies that offer a wide range of hardware and software services for the connected devices industry. Our partners are industry leaders in their respective fields and have a proven track record of delivering quality products and services. Together, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their connected device needs. Browse through our partner list to learn more about the companies we work with and the services they offer.

Renesas’ SmartBond Bluetooth® Low Energy family of SoC’s and modules provides the simplest route to delivering the most power-friendly and flexible Bluetooth® Low Energy connected products to the market. Highly integrated, SmartBond delivers the smallest, most power efficient Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions available – and enables the lowest system costs. The family includes generic and application-optimized solutions in various pin-compatible memory options, combining design flexibility with easy cost reduction. This is all backed up by their powerful SmartSnippets software tooling and extensive applications support, making it easy for designers to get the most out of their system. Their innovation roadmap ensures designers will have the Bluetooth® solutions they need when they need them as markets evolve.

TI has Bluetooth® solutions to meet all of your needs including:

  • CC256x Dual Mode Bluetooth Controller chipsets and modules
  • TI Dual Mode Host Stack with BR/EDR and LE support
  • Comprehensive Bluetooth Classic Audio Solutions

The SimpleLink™ CC256x solutions have best in class link budget to provide longer range. The Dual mode solution allows you to create products that can connect to existing or older mobile devices via Bluetooth® or to newer mobile products that have Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Cloud2GND has extensive experience developing and maintaining Bluetooth Classic Audio Solutions based on the CC256x chipsets and modules. Cloud2GND is TI’s exclusive partner for maintenance of the TI Dual Mode Host Stack and we have ported the stack for a wide range of customers and helped to implement and maintain numerous Bluetooth classic (A2DP/HFP/AVRCP) solutions for our product customers.

Microchip’s approach to Bluetooth® Low Energy is simple. Remove as many barriers as possible so you can focus on your design. Their Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions are certified to the Bluetooth® 5.0 standard eliminating the need to spend time and money to certify your Bluetooth® Low Energy design. Microchip offers high-value and high-quality Bluetooth® audio silicon and module solutions. They are compliant with the latest Bluetooth® specifications and are proven for interoperability. Low power and small form factor with a built-in Bluetooth® stack, Microchip’s audio solutions provide excellent audio quality (SNR), sound level and sound effects (DSP). They also support digital audio, a variety of audio sources and value-added features such as support for multiple speakers and high-resolution Bluetooth® audio with LDAC technology.

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth® Low Energy software solution consists of the following protocol stacks:

  • Multi-protocol controller with Bluetooth® 5.3 qualified link layer and IEEE 802.15.4 MAC.
  • Bluetooth® 5.3 qualified host stack and GATT profiles for BLE.
  • Bluetooth® Mesh 1.0 qualified mesh profile and models

With deep knowledge and hands-on experience with the Packetcraft stacks and solutions Cloud2GND can help with porting, platform integration, application development, customization and much more on a variety of vendor SoC’s.