Our History

Cloud2GND was founded by a team of passionate professionals with a deep understanding of connected devices. Our team has a diverse range of expertise in domains like embedded systems, protocols, and electrical engineering. We all share a love for solving complex challenges in the worlds of wireless connectivity, mesh networking, and embedded systems.

Our team shares a history, having worked together on a custom wireless mesh network back in the early 2000s. This early experience sparked our interest in wireless connectivity and mesh networking, which continues to be a focus of our work today, particularly our work with Bluetooth Mesh.

In the early 2000s, Bluetooth technology was primarily used as a cable replacement for short-range data transfer, but with the introduction of new audio use cases, it was clear that Bluetooth was poised to become a household name. Several members of our team worked together at a leading Bluetooth stack vendor, where we spent years developing and troubleshooting Bluetooth devices and solutions.

After the stack vendor was acquired by a major semiconductor company, Cloud2GND was founded to continue providing support and maintenance to key customers. Today, many of those companies are still our clients, and we remain focused on Bluetooth technology, including direct involvement with the Bluetooth SIG, the organization responsible for the Bluetooth brand and the specifications that drive Bluetooth standards.

Our Core Principles


Our clients and customers are our highest priority. We focus on understanding our client's unique needs and delivering the highest possible value. We understand our success depends on the success of our clients.


Cloud2GND was founded by engineers and we strongly believe in excellence in engineering. We keep up to date with the latest best practices. We hire the best staff globally and invest in on-going training and growth for our staff and teams.


We believe that a modern services business must be flexible to connect the needs of our clients and the needs of our staff. We tailor our service offerings to best fit the requirements of our customers while allowing our teams the flexibility needed to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Connected devices work when companies collaborate to build vibrate technical ecosystems. We are committed to contributing to the broader technical community and we are proud of our important role within the Bluetooth ecosystem.

Let’s Get Connected

With offices in North America and Europe, and local engineering teams distributed in those areas, Cloud2GND is ready to help your project succeed regardless of location. Our engineers understand how to carry out your complex engineering engagements in today’s distributed remote environments.