Cloud2GND Recently Featured in audioXpress

In the ever-evolving landscape of wireless technology, Cloud2GND has established itself as a notable player, focusing on electronic circuit design, embedded systems, and protocols. Their Bumblebee LE Audio Demonstrator was recently showcased in audioXpress, representing a noteworthy advancement in Bluetooth LE Audio development.

“Cloud2GND, an engineering house specializing in electronic circuit design, embedded systems, protocols, and connected devices developed the Bumblebee LE Audio Demonstrator, the first chipmaker-independent platform for product developers to test and evaluate Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast applications. Featuring the Panasonic PAN1783 Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 module (based on the Nordic nRF5340 device), the board is a ready-to-use platform with a class-D amplifier, AKM stereo ADC/DAC, MEMS microphone, NFC and is powered over USB or external power supply.”

Read the full article by Joao Martins on audioXpress.

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