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A Passion And Drive For Engineering Excellence

Cloud2GND senior embedded systems experts offer a range of expertise in protocol and wireless systems development, platform integration, test systems and automation, product qualification, security vulnerability analysis, and HW design.  We can help conceive, design, develop and integrate a wide range of systems and solutions across multiple verticals.


Product Development and System Solutions

The Cloud2GND Product and Solutions division engages at all stages of a project’s lifecycle, supporting our Clients where they lack expertise or resources to get to market. Our experts utilize deep knowledge of standards and specifications, commercially available hardware, firmware, and open source software to analyze, design, develop, test and deploy cutting edge technologies.

Wireless Protocol Stack Design

The Cloud2GND Engineering Services division has developed, ported, tested, and supported several Bluetooth® and proprietary protocol stacks for semiconductor and IP companies worldwide. Examples of past work include the complete design, implementation, testing and qualification of an open source Bluetooth® Mesh 1.0 stack; implementation of Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 Controller features; on-going maintenance and support of a major dual-mode Bluetooth® host and profile stack; and platform porting and optimization of a proprietary 802.15.4 Mesh network in an open source RTOS framework.


Connectivity Standards Expertise

The Cloud2GND Standards division consists of leading experts in the engineering of wireless specifications.  Our team is directly involved with the Bluetooth® SIG, responsible for authoring test suites, providing critical security and specification analysis, and running interoperability and testing events since 2015.

Who Utilizes Our Services?


Cloud2GND offers product companies a range of services to meet their unique needs. When partnering with Cloud2GND, product companies can stay focused on their unique market niche and core competencies. We team up with our clients to fill expertise and resource gaps that drive overall market success. Our engagements often start with standards / technology and vendor platform selection to meet system-wide application requirements. We then provide comprehensive engineering services including system architectural design, stack porting and integration, component and application development, testing and security services, and more. Our clients rely on us for initial prototyping and delivery of complete solutions that are secure, fully qualified, tested, and ready to deploy to market.


Cloud2GND partners with leading semiconductor companies to provide solutions and support based on our partners’ chipsets and modules. We can help secure design wins, provide custom integration services, and offer long-term product guidance and support.  Our engineering team has extensive experience developing customer software and firmware for cutting edge hardware designs and supporting your customers from design through deployment and long-term maintenance.

Product Development and System Solutions

Cloud2GND offers expertise throughout the complete product development lifecycle.   Starting with an idea, we can help you through any and all phases of your project ranging from conception through manufacturing and long-term support.


Work with systems experts to research, define and document formal project requirements.

Vendor and Technology Selection

Choosing the most appropriate platform, chipset, and system solution ensures ultimate product success.

Solutions and Systems Design

Cloud2GND’s experts will design a solution focused on meeting key requirements and reducing project risk.

Rapid Prototyping

Early prototyping of important performance and functional metrics will validate the path chosen.

Critical Component Development and Optimization

Cloud2GND can develop, port, and optimize critical systems software ranging from low level drivers to complete stack solutions.

Application Development

At Cloud2GND we understand how to build sophisticated application software that is reliable, interoperable, stable, and secure.

Test Systems and Services

Cloud2GND understands the importance of testing and test planning throughout all phases of product development.

Certification and Qualification

We work directly with standards organizations, test houses, industry consultants, and semiconductor partners to certify your product.

Support and Maintenance

Cloud2GND provides comprehensive support and maintenance solutions for the lifetime of your product.

Product Experience

Bluetooth® Audio Devices

– Bluetooth® Classic audio profiles: A2DP, HSP (Handset), HFP (Hands Free), AVRCP
– Standards-based and proprietary Bluetooth® Audio solutions over LE (LE Audio, ASHA, MFi)
– Optimizing audio system performance over Bluetooth®
– Custom audio applications development and integration of third-party codecs
– Specialized use cases, such as multiple audio streams or advanced options

Smart Home and Building Automation

– Control systems for Lighting, Power Monitoring, and Building Automation
– Bluetooth® Mesh and other mesh-based wireless systems
– Turn-key solution development from requirements to qualification
– Standards-based product development and testing
– Indoor positioning and location services for increased productivity and space optimization

Wearables and Fitness/Health Devices

– Bluetooth® Low Energy profiles, connectivity, and troubleshooting
– Ultra-low power product design for battery operated devices
– Customized application development, re-engineering, and solution optimization
– Prototyping of specialized medical device designs leveraging Bluetooth®
– Technology and vendor selection for an optimized design

Industrial and Commercial Systems

– Bluetooth integration for hand-held devices, point of sales, inventory management, etc.
– Developing specialized Bluetooth applications, custom tailored to your specific needs
– Conversion of wired to fast, reliable wireless solutions
– Secure solutions leveraging robust, seamless interoperable protocols
– Machine health and diagnostics that utilize Machine Learning at the Edge and Artificial Intelligence



Dialog’s SmartBond Bluetooth® Low Energy family of SoC’s and modules provides the simplest route to delivering the most power-friendly and flexible Bluetooth® Low Energy connected products to the market.  Highly integrated, SmartBond delivers the smallest, most power efficient Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions available – and enables the lowest system costs. The family includes generic and application-optimized solutions in various pin-compatible memory options, combining design flexibility with easy cost reduction. This is all backed up by their powerful SmartSnippets software tooling and extensive applications support, making it easy for designers to get the most out of their system. Their innovation roadmap ensures designers will have the Bluetooth® solutions they need when they need them as markets evolve.


Microchip’s approach to Bluetooth® Low Energy is simple.  Remove as many barriers as possible so you can focus on your design.  Their Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions are certified to the Bluetooth® 5.0 standard eliminating the need to spend time and money to certify your Bluetooth® Low Energy design.   Microchip offers high-value and high-quality Bluetooth® audio silicon and module solutions.  They are compliant with the latest Bluetooth® specifications and are proven for interoperability.  Low power and small form factor with a built-in Bluetooth® stack, Microchip’s audio solutions provide excellent audio quality (SNR), sound level and sound effects (DSP).  They also support digital audio, a variety of audio sources and value-added features such as support for multiple speakers and high-resolution Bluetooth® audio with LDAC technology.


Packetcraft’s Bluetooth® Low Energy software solution consists of the following protocol stacks:

    • Multi-protocol controller with Bluetooth® 5.2 qualified link layer and IEEE 802.15.4 MAC.
    • Bluetooth® 5.2 qualified host stack and GATT profiles for BLE.
    • Bluetooth® Mesh 1.0 qualified mesh profile and models

As a Packetcraft parter and licensee, Cloud2GND works directly with the latest leading-edge Bluetooth® features via access to private subscriber-only repositories.  With deep knowledge of the Cordio solution Cloud2GND can help with porting, platform integration, application development, customization and much more on a variety of vendor SoC’s.


TI has Bluetooth® solutions to meet all of your needs including:

  • Dual Mode solution, the CC2564 which supports Bluetooth® + Bluetooth® Low Energy or ANT
  • Bluetooth® Classic solution, the CC2560

The SimpleLink™ CC2560 and CC2564 solutions have best in class link budget to provide longer range. The Dual mode solution allows you to create products that can connect to existing or older mobile devices via Bluetooth® OR to newer mobile products that have Bluetooth® low energy.


About Cloud2GND®

Cloud2GND is a global engineering services firm specializing in standards-based wireless connectivity with a strong background in everything from protocol design, system development, test and qualification, and solution delivery.

Our vision is to build the connected future alongside the smartest players in the industry.  Our clients range from innovative start-ups to large semiconductor companies and standards organizations.  We offer deep domain knowledge in embedded systems, especially around Bluetooth® and standards-based technology, where we provide design, development, test, deployment and maintenance services for our clients and their customers.  Cloud2GND engineering has built and delivered complete protocol stacks, ported solutions to and worked extensively with a variety of vendor platforms and chipsets, designed and developed production-ready devices, and repeatedly met the diverse needs of our customers across a range of technologies and markets.

At Cloud2GND we put our customers’ needs first.  While committed to delivering the highest quality connectivity solutions, our ultimate goal is to build long term partnerships based on team collaboration, honesty, integrity, and genuine communication.  To accommodate your specific needs, our engineering services division offers a flexible engagement model acting as everything from a specialized team of standards experts to a complete solutions team able to manage your project needs to completion.  We understand that your success is our success, and this knowledge drives our uniquely customized approach ensuring we deliver what you need, when you need it – getting it right the first time.

At Cloud2GND we embody a passion and drive for engineering excellence.

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