Transform your connected device products by leveraging deep specification knowledge and engineering expertise with Cloud2GND.

About Cloud2GND

Cloud2GND is a product design and engineering services firm specializing in standards-based wireless connectivity solutions. Our extensive experience working with standards bodies and our veteran team of embedded systems engineers ensures performant and mature solutions, leveraging the latest standards and specifications.

Our standards and testing division works directly with standards and specification bodies to remain up to date on the latest standards, and actively contributes to standards development, focusing on test, certification, and qualification. Our team has extensive experience crafting effective compliance programs and authoring high quality test specifications for leading standards bodies. We also offer a variety of services including device testing, qualification, and custom testing services.

Our engineering services division provides a range of customizable support and services offerings, acting as a specialized team of standards experts or a complete engineering team able to manage your project needs to completion. Our largest focus area is the design, development, and support of Bluetooth products and solutions. We’ve developed and maintained of a range of connected products and ecosystems for our clients utilizing a variety of wireless and networking standards.

Our Services


Bluetooth Engineering and Support

Cloud2GND is a global leader in independent Bluetooth expertise. Our Bluetooth teams have in-depth knowledge of all layers of the Bluetooth specification and all aspects of Bluetooth product design. We work closely with the Bluetooth SIG on test and qualification topics and are involved in most key Bluetooth working groups.

Cloud2GND offers a range of Bluetooth related services including product design and engineering, support and troubleshooting, qualification and security testing, and more.


Test and Qualification Services

Cloud2GND offers a range of test and qualification services including product testing, security/pen testing, Bluetooth qualification assistance, and custom test systems development.

We have created test systems for specialized conformance testing of protocol standards, and designed test and conformance programs and test specifications. We also have experience planning and operating test events, such as interoperability testing events (IOPs).


Technical Specifications and Documentation

Cloud2GND has extensive experience authoring protocol specifications, test specifications, and technical documentation. Our team has written thousands of pages of technical content and participated in multiple standards-based specification development processes.

Product Experience

Bluetooth Audio Devices

– Devices utilizing Hands-Free and A2DP Profiles.
– Optimizing audio system performance over Bluetooth
– Configuring audio codec interfaces
– Custom audio application development
– Specialized use cases, such as multiple audio streams or advanced options
– Integration of third-party codecs

Smart Home and Building Automation

– Control systems for Lighting, Power Monitoring, and Building Automation
– Mesh-based wireless systems
– Turn-key solution development
– Standards-based product development and testing

Wearables and Fitness/Health Devices

– Bluetooth LE profiles, connectivity, and troubleshooting
– Ultra-low power product design for battery operated devices
– Custom application development
– Prototyping of specialized medical device designs leveraging Bluetooth

Industrial and Commercial Connected Devices

– Bluetooth integration for various hand-held devices in vertical markets
– Point-of-sale (POS) terminals
– Inventory management devices
– Process automation systems
– Developing specialized Bluetooth applications, custom tailored to your specific needs

Who Utilizes Our Services?


Cloud2GND provides product companies with reference designs and expert guidance, along with engineering services and support for a wide variety of wireless standards-based connectivity technologies.

Product companies can stay focused on their unique market niche and use case while Cloud2GND ensures their devices support seamless connectivity leveraging the latest standards and technologies.


Cloud2GND partners with leading semiconductor companies to provide solutions and support based on our partners’ chipsets and modules. We can help secure design wins, provide custom integration services, and long-term product guidance and support.

If you have a new hardware solution or wireless module in need of software support, our engineering team has extensive experience developing customer software and firmware for cutting edge hardware designs and supporting your customers from design through deployment and long-term maintenance.

Clients and Partners


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